who we are...

Hurrah Games, one of the leading game publishers in Iran, was founded in 2016. With its 10 year game developing experience, the young company of Hurrah could soon led the industry by publishing various PC and Android games and multimedia products to the market of Iran. Having worked with popular developers, we have Anu Games as our main local developer and partner

Besides game publishing, Hurrah offers a wide range of services such as: localization, financial support, testing, data analysis, art providing and illustration and etc

With our talented and passionate staff, Hurrah is committed to building respect-based and long-term relations with its partners, developers and customers

Hurrah positions itself as a reliable partner publishing its best titles in a wide range of countries and helps spreading global games from home consoles to PC, app, and mobile to the Iranian market. The company is aimed at continued growth, capacity building, and achievement leveraging