1. Game evaluation

In this step, we sign an NDA and receive your file and the game will be reviewed by our team. The developer will be notified of our feedback and if the game is in accordance with our standards, we move forward.

2. Discussing business models

In case of positive outcomes of game evaluation, our business team offers dedicated business models to the developer and is open for other suggestions. This offer includes Hurrah team's efforts from the very first moment to the end of the project.

3. Signing the contract

After reaching an agreement, it's time to sign the contract. This contract is a secure and guaranteed document containing specific terms and commitments for both parties.

4. Publishing the game

Finally, the main of our job begins with PR, marketing, localization, on-time scheduling, making advertisement campaigns, different types of tests, data analysis in design system, promoting and you name it.



If your game requires a server, we provide it for you. There’s no need to be worry about it.

Player Support

Supporting different kinds of players is something important and expensive. Players are so important to us. So don’t worry, we support them.

Art Providing

If you don’t have a good artist or you cannot handle the costs, we can provide best quality with best styles for you.

Data Analysis

Data are always substantial. One can predict the future through Data. We know that Data are precious and analyse them in the best way.

Financial Support

If you need extra money for finishing your project, you can count on us. We would like to invest on innovative projects.


Testing games in different ways requires enough experience and knowledge in different cases. Doing systematic test is our specialty.